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Q. Why should I call Wingline?

Wingline is a very reputable company that cares about your transportation concerns and by making one phone call to us you are communicating your needs to 10 large reputable trucking companies, plus all of their partner carriers.

Q. What are partner carriers?

Partner carriers are outside carriers hauling under a broker contract for the carriers we represent. Partner carriers also come from some of the carriers represented by Wingline who have sister companies owned by the same parent company.

Q. How many pieces of equipment does Wingline have available?

When asked how many pieces of equipment Wingline has available, it's difficult to give an accurate number on any given day. Depending on market conditions and circumstances, Wingline estimates that on average, nationwide we have access to more than 20,000 potential pieces of equipment available daily.

Q. What is the difference between an agent and a broker in the trucking industry?

An agent represents a specific carrier or carriers. There is a signed agency agreement/contract between the agent and the carrier. An agent is a representative of the carrier (similar to an insurance company with their agents.) They usually conduct business on behalf of the carrier under agreed upon conditions. Click on the following carrier names to see relationship letters from carriers we represent: Admiral Merchants Motor Freight, Inc. and Bennett Motor Express, LLC

A broker alone does not represent a specific carrier or carriers. A licensed broker operates off of simple broker authority and typically only a minimal surety bond. They rely on being able to utilize equipment from actual carriers with contract authority that either own their trucks or have independent owner-operators leased to them running their company placards. Since they are not required to have any cargo or liability insurance of their own, they depend on the actual carrier to provide that if needed for any claim.

Q. What does Wingline have to offer vs. working directly with the carrier's corporate office?

Since Wingline's carriers are for the most part agent and owner-operator based companies, most customers normally find they receive better customer service provided to them by dealing directly with an agent. The result normally ends up that the customer receives higher priority attention from the agent. Due to higher incoming call volume, it is not uncommon for a customer to call the carrier's corporate office and be placed on hold for an extended period of time, or even speak with several persons before getting to the person they wanted.

Q. What is it that makes Wingline so effective?

Together, the Wingline staff has over 75 years of experience in the transportation industry. We are constantly striving to structure the company to achieve consistent customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

Q. How would you rate Wingline's performance for overall service provided?

Good question. You might get a pretty painted picture from most, but we all know that there are those occasional problems. Like the customer, we do not like them either, but they do unfortunately occur. When we do experience a problem, it is handled with the utmost importance to assure that it is corrected as quickly and efficiently as possible (keeping our customer's best interest in mind). Fortunately, today we still enjoy and take pride in working with customers that we have been providing services for since we opened our doors (I believe this would best answer the question.) You have to be very selective in how you conduct business in today's very competitive market. We are also very proud of our claims ratio due to the carriers that we have selected to represent and their procedures regarding qualification of drivers, equipment and safety.

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