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Advertising "Geared for Trucking"

Read this first and watch a video on how Google displays search results to see why this offer makes so much sense. For SEO, it will be far greater than mere links and keywords alone. Search engines, like Google specifically, give first and best ranking results based on the snippets. That is not well-known yet by many though.

Advertise and promote your trucking-related business, company, product or service on our site for FREE with a near exclusive full page. That's right! A near exclusive full page so long as the material is trucking-related.

This entire page, with the exception of the Google Search form and Ads by Google, is reserved for the ad or billboard (see page). In addition to being seen by our site's visitors, we will also include the following for added enhanced SEO results too:

  • Shared page title, for example, <title>Your Site Name - Wingline Trucking, Inc.</title>
  • The page will have only your preferred <meta name="description" content="Your page description"/> tag
  • The page will also have only your preferred <meta name="keywords" content="Your page keywords"/> tag
  • The page file name, for example, your-site-name.html
  • A link and brief description on another page to your near exclusive full page
  • And, if you like, your logo in place of our rotating logo between the Ads by Google below

We have two options for this offer. First, FREE as mentioned above. This is based upon review and approval of a reciprocal premium listing on your site. Or, pay just $40/month.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please send us an email.

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